Fascination Workshop is an experimental laboratory that produces one-of-a-kind objects from time to time. Below are examples of some of the unique designs our collaborators have come up with.

Dwarf Pine Prosthetic

Pine tree planter.

Moss Map

Vertical moss planter.

PT80 Delay Pedal Graphics

Graphics for the PT80 delay pedal.

Concrete Base

Concrete base for thrift store terrarium.

Winduino II

The revised version of our wireless, digital Aeloian Harp.

MB 6582 Sid Synth

Customized case for MB 6582 Sid Synth.

Monome 40h Case

Our case for the Monome 40h electronic instrument.


Wireless, digital Aeloian Harp.

Parabolic Mic

A microphone for listening to distant sounds.

Midi Foot Pedal

Pedal for controlling music software.

Hazy Morning Alarm Clock

An alarm clock shrouded in haze.

Felt Laptop Case

Laptop case made of felt.

Cat Scratch Pad

A prototype cat scratching pad.

SID Synth

Fascination Workshop’s design for the SID Synth.


Our case for the Fyrall.

Cat Bed

A cat bed made from felt.

Bench #3 (For the Dream King)

A bench designed to motivate people to stand.

The Light Microphone

A microphone that translates light into sound.

Midi Controller

Device for controlling samples/sounds with midi.

Screwed Up

A rack for hanging just about anything.


A portable practice amplifier with built in delay.


A microphone made from old telephone parts and a paint can.

While You Were Out

A chandileer made from a dying fixture.