Winduino II

After many hours of testing and revision, the new version of the original Winduino is done! The Winduino II is a wireless, digital version of an Aeolian harp that can be listened to on its own or used as accompaniment for other instruments. Still based around the Adruino BT Bluetooth board, the Winduino II has several improvements over the last version which has vastly improved the performance of this unique sound generating device. The Winduino II also has a custom stand, so the device can be used inside or hung from a hook or tree branch outdoors.

The Winduino II features larger solar panels optimized for charging the new Lithium Ion rechargeable battery as quickly as possible. Using the Sparkfun developed LiPoly Charger circuit, the Winduino II can also be charged via USB or wall wart. Embedded underneath the wood veneer are two lights (see photos below) that tell the user when the power is on (green) and when it is charging (red).

A new type of piezo sensor has been incorporated to detect the movement of air around the Winduino II. The sensitivity of these sensors can be adjusted using different sized/shaped vellum coverings.

The Winduino II software uses the recently released Max for Live software to add the unparalleled convenience, flexibility and stability of Live and Max/MSP in one piece of software. Now the Winduino II can generate any sound a user can come up with by processing the midi generated by Max/MSP directly in Live.

Sound Sample: Winduino II and baritone electric guitar


Video of the Winduino II in action

Winduino II

Winduino II - close up

Winduino II - charging/power lights